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Our Horses

Learn more about each one of our horses and what they enjoy.



A Bit About Me

16 years old Icelandic Pony. Thor was purchased by HART in January 2024. He is a sweetheart and loves to be groomed and cuddled. He takes great care of his riders and teaches them to ride independently. 



A Bit About Me

10 years old Gypsy Vanner: Loki has been a care lease since March 2024. He has a gentle soul and enjoys grooming more than anything. He settled right in and is loving all the attention he is getting from the clients.



A Bit About Me

12 years old Mustang. Eddie is a care lease. He is a mustang and used to be roaming free on BLM land. He is a goofball and loves to smile for the camera. He enjoys trail rides and treats. 



A Bit About Me

22 years old Norwegian Fjord. Oldermann has been with HART for many years. Despite his smaller height he has a big personality. He loves his food and taking naps in the sun. 

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